KọSchool recognizes that humanity has entered a new era of accelerating global change and disruption. Our students practice and master three essential capacities future-ready youth need in order to thrive in a rapidly changing world:
Personal Development, Autodidacticism, and Authentic Leadership.

Personal Development

At KọSchool, we focus on integrity and attitude as well as our students’ ability to be self-responsible, empathic, and service-driven individuals. Developing character and attitude pays off in all areas of life, especially with academics, resilience, happiness, relationships, and self-confidence. Years of practice are required to develop capacities that enable young people to powerfully navigate disruption and embrace change. It is no longer sufficient to merely be smart or a hard worker.


Our method inspires young people to take full responsibility for their learning and gives them the tools to be effective as lifelong learners. In an era of accelerating change, one’s pace of learning cannot stop or slow upon graduation. It has to be lifelong, regardless of one’s industry or profession. In addition, our students are provided with organizational tools, an understanding of when to seek help from others, and the skills to be fully present and focused during learning.

Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership is an individualized approach to leadership development. Authentic Leaders are people who develop their own inner compass by deeply exploring their life experiences and lessons. At KọSchool, we train students on how to transform the difficulties and challenges they’ve faced into service to others and to the world. Our students are empowered to make a difference in the world right now, rather than waiting to become adults. Our Authentic Leadership program is based on Letsie Khabele’s leadership training at Harvard Business School.